Who are you currently crushing aka your WCE?
My WCE at the moment is the ever so flawless SZA. She's my Scorpio sister and unapologetically her. She's a very refreshing energy in the music game 

Who would you Freaky Friday with and why?
Most definitely Cardi B, we'd have the most eventful  Friday like no other cause there would be no judgment. We can be wild and free. I appreciate Cardi's personality and with me being a sex-positive woman who is also a free spirit, I would need my FF partner to have that same energy about themselves. No one wants someone who frowns on freakiness, I don't think those people have fun/or love themselves (lol) 

What's the most Chicago thing about you?
I'm originally from Minneapolis, but there's a lot of Chicagoans on the Northside on Minneapolis so I adapted the slang before I moved here. But, I'd have to say the most Chicago thing about me is saying "fuck you talmbout" whenever I'm in an argument lmao. I don't know why it just rolls out effortlessly, and I can't end the discussion until I say it. 

You have the chance to meet one of your idols and ask them one question; who would it be and what would you ask?
It would be FKA Twigs and I would want to know what planet she came from and if she could take me with her the next time she visits.

What are you up to now? Shamelessly plug yourself!
Right now I am working on promotions for my single "Molasses" produced by Thelonious Martin, and also some promotion for me Gucci Gang Remix "cQQchie Gang" this remix was so much fun to do and it has an empowering message for all the women who aren't waiting on anyone to make things happen for them cause they have already accomplished it. Soon I will be working on a music video for my single "Water Me" that I produced! Producing my own music has been such a thrill and I am excited to keep going. Coming up in March, I will be performing in a showcase with TheseDays blog, sooooo exciting!!! 

What is your favorite website or blog?
Hahaha, my favorite blog right now is Melanin Milk, they have freaky stories that are so well written and detailed oriented I love it, and the site is ran by a woman. I have no shame in sharing sexy things that I love haha. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Definitely winning my first Grammy, or second, or third, or tenth. You never know what God's plan is but I am giving her 5 years for those grammies haha. That and traveling the world doing music, whether I am behind the scenes of the show or I am the show if I'm surrounded by music and making a beautiful living from it I will be beyond grateful. 

What is your favorite movie or book right now?
The New Jumanji is lit as hell right now I love it, my favorite book I am reading is called "Seven Masters, One Path" by John Selby, this book jump started my meditation experience and my life has definitely been way more positive and fulfilling because of it. 

What is your favorite color?
Purple! My dad told me when I was younger purple means royalty and I was the ultimate princess... still am so it stayed with me haha

Outside of your current career or passion, what would you spend the rest of your life doing?
Traveling!!!! I just applied for my passport, I'm outta here haha. Traveling and being around nature, camping, canoeing - all that!