We believe there are simply not enough events or experiences that glorify, empower & showcase women or their voices.  We are determined to change that.  By creating together and uplifting one another, we hope to break the social stereotypes that women are in constant competition with one another, when in reality, we are strong collaborators. 

We think it is very important to show young girls and women of all ages that it is ok to be as well as celebrate themselves and to love who they are.  We aim to inspire more women and girls to create opportunities for themselves and never feel boxed in.  
We are for anyone and everyone - all shapes, colors, ages and sizes!  Anyone that wants to get together, collaborate, uplift and create!  Our definition of a creator is anyone that has a passion and creates space for that passion to live.  We do not believe that what is considered cool, is too cool for certain people to be involved.  


YOU are beautiful.  YOU are strong.  YOU are talented.  YOU are you.



The collective began in late October of 2015 and is a by women for womxn exclusively inclusive collective that uplifts, empowers and brings exposure to creators through a womanist lens. It is our attempt to dismantle societal barriers with various art, events, and activations that impact culture as well as stimulate community growth.

Within four months of starting Cliche, we collaborated with the House of Vans on their 50th anniversary to throw the first all women showcase in Austin, Texas.  Shortly after, we joined forces with #BOSSBABESATX and Babe's Fest in NYC.  Since then, we have repeated our work in Texas - teaming with BossBabes to throw a showcase and two-part panel, as well as hosting a "Women in Creative Industry" official SXSW meet-up.   In 2016, we teamed up with Social Works to throw their debut party at Magnificent Coloring Day and again at Parade to the Polls.  In 2017 & 2018 we worked with several brands and organizations we admire - Jordan, Red Bull, adidas, Planned Parenthood, Lyft & GRLs to program events at The Grls Dollhouse.  Our work strives to consistently work with many different women centered organizations - to collaborate and celebrate all self-identifying women!

We continue to produce experiences that showcase our beliefs in womyn - including our empowering, sex positive party, Pussy Control - with all women djs, artists, performers and photographers, our panel series, ChitChat, our youth programming, Girl Informed, as well as our many collaborated community building events.

We are actively raising awareness and seeking ways to spread our wings through various creative ventures, collaborations with creators we admire and through the usage of different platforms.  



Our name was created to poke fun at how the idea of empowering women or creating a collective was not actually unique at all, but rather cliché.