Money Can't Buy Happiness...


...But I’d Rather Cry in A *insert super obnoxious car model here*...




There’s often a stigma that:

·        rich people don’t commit suicide

·        suicide is an act of selfishness

·        asking someone if they are suicidal will make them suicidal

·        people attempt suicide for attention

·        people who are suicidal always look depressed


In light (or dark rather) of recent news, we would like to bring BACK to your attention, the importance of mental health.  All too often, we miss and misinterpret signs of sadness and depression, because we are too focused on the material items that one has.  Earlier this week, we were shocked with the passing of designer Kate Spade who was known for her simple yet outlandish designs.  It was sudden, because from the outside, with her public appearances she seemed fairly happy. No one around her would have ever expected for her life to end abruptly and in the manner it did.  This brings us to a post that we have been seeing very often in the last couple of weeks.  The ‘check on your strong friend’ posts. Your strong friends are the ones always smiling and making sure you’re good before they even make sure that they themselves are straight.  Sometimes though, the strongest (or wealthiest in this case) are often the ones we need to pay even more attention to because they hide behind material things *cough Kanye*. 

Which makes the statement ‘money can’t buy happiness’ fairly true.  No matter how many cars, clothes and hoes you have THE COMMAS DO NOT EQUATE to your joy.