Shout outs to Desiree Linden! The first American woman to win the Boston Marathon since 1985! But wait...there’s more...In 2017, Shalee Flanagann won the New York City Marathon. For those of you who follow women in track & field and marathon events, you know that elite runners don't really stop for pee breaks since the clock is running and the port-a-potties…well you know…are port-a-potties. Well, during this year’s Boston Marathon, Desiree, our sheroe in running shorts, stopped with Shalee Flanagan when she made a surprising detour to the porta potty and helped her catch up to the rest of the elite runner pack. Ummm squad goals? Check! In a society where competition is promoted especially amongst women, this is admirable. Always support your girl and go to the bathroom together even if you don't have to go. Remember what happened to Hermoine when she went to the bathroom by herself? Mmmmm...don't.