Who are you currently crushing aka your WCE?
Autumn from Sir and Madame. A business woman, wife, mother, and carries herself with so much class. I feel she's hella respected in Chicago. She's definitely goals!!

Who would you Freaky Friday with and why?
Frank Ocean because he's Frank Ocean. I think that's reason enough.

What's the most Chicago thing about you?
I'd say definitely my mannerisms and slang, the way I move and my mind frame. I've lived in numerous parts of the city. Chicago is about making moves and fast pace living. You have to have a certain mentality to survive; Be strong, have thick skin, street smart, and a certain focus. 

You have the chance to meet one of your idols and ask them one question; who would it be and what would you ask?
I'd love to meet Frida Kahlo and ask her did she ever have issues in her creative process and how did she handle them. 

What are you up to now? Shamelessly plug yourself!
I'm still modeling, working on signing with agencies. Also working on curating a few projects of my own. Incorporating my eye with art/creative direction. Immersing myself in my arts, including painting, photography and fashion/styling. 

What is your favorite website or blog?
I like to view the health and beauty tips and horoscopes but there's a lot more info to browse through like recipes and things to do in certain cities. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Definitely being my own boss, and having an art studio/gallery. Also living in Spain. 

What is your favorite movie or book right now?
Ultimate favorite movie is Girlfight with Michelle Rodriguez. 

What is your favorite color?
Purple is my fav but it's neck and neck with white. I like the meaning of purple but white's so clean. 

Outside of your current career or passion, what would you spend the rest of your life doing?
I can definitely spend the rest of my life gardening and helping the homeless and/or hungry families. Or even being a host for struggling kids in the system. I've experienced homelessness and have been through the system so I completely understand how that feels and would love to give back. I was fortunate to have my grandmother to raise me but there's many out there who have no one and nowhere.